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Be Your Own Boss and Work From Anywhere

IntroductionThe vast majority of people in paid employment work under the direction of somebody or are answerable to a manager or supervisor. They have a boss who ‘orders’ them around and in addition to this, while employed, they are subject to the rules and regulations of the company they work for. All this can result in a very stifling and stiff work regimen and is the typical set up of the ‘Nine to Five’ regime that most experience on a daily basis.But, are there any alternatives to this for those who are determined to ‘break free’ of this restrictive routine. Well, the good news is that I have found that with the expansion of the Internet there are now more opportunities than ever for individuals to set up their own business and become their own Boss!Disadvantages of Working for Someone ElseAnd it’s not surprising that many would want to ‘ditch’ their 9 to 5 and become their own boss when one looks at some of the innumerable drawbacks to working for another boss.For instance, they would normally have to work the hours given them and often this would mean having to work when they don’t feel like it and hours that could prove very inconvenient and awkward, like a shift that starts (or ends) at 3am. They could well have to eat lunch at a given time- whether they’re hungry or not- and have tea or coffee breaks as assigned by their employer and even when they can to go to the lavatory might be subject to being given permission!Another problem with these kinds of jobs is that earnings normally depend on skill level and the salaries of less skilled workers can often not keep up with the cost of living (inflation).There are many other drawbacks to this kind of working in comparison to the numerous benefits of being your own boss.Online Marketing offers New OpportunitiesAn online business can be relatively easy to set up and start-up costs are low. One very popular way to approach it would be to become an affiliate in network marketing. You can do this through help of a mentor. Many of those who have the determination are making significant incomes, and quite a few have become rich through this type of work.In addition to this are the benefits of being your own boss. You can work the hours you choose, work when it suits you – choose what to do and when to do it! You can choose when to eat lunch or have a coffee break. You can take care more of family commitments like dropping off/collecting children from school.As compared to conventional employment online marketing requires less time spent on it, so allowing one more free time to spend on, say, family or hobbies.Feel more MotivatedBecause with being your own boss you have more choice and because the business belongs to you, you would feel more motivated, since there are greater incentives.Further to this, there is the inspiring (and thrilling) thought that with a home-based online business you can work from just about anywhere where there is an internet connection available!